GTA V Photos

The day has finally come.  GTA 5 was released to the masses and everyone has an opinion of it.  I'd love to share mine with you.

There isn't a whole lot to talk about the graphics.  It's pretty standard GTA fare here.  Subpar for just about any other game of the generation, but considering the scope of the game, I've always felt they were pretty impressive.  Regardless, nobody plays a GTA game for the graphics.  It's all about the gameplay.

GTA 5 delivers gameplay in spades.  Whether you want to do stereotypical hooker killer and massive killing sprees, or some of the subdued activities such as golfing or weightlifting, GTA 5 has you covered!  I could even spend hours just swimming around and exploring all of the coral reefs and underwater life!

All of that doesn't even touch on the story/missions.  GTA 5's story has FAR surpassed any of the previous GTA games.  Even Niko Belic can't hold a candle to these guys!  Speaking of these guys, there are 3 playable characters!  Each character has their own set of skills and abilities, and a unique personality to boot.  You can switch between any of the 3 at any time giving you a vastly different experience depending on who you choose.  This all comes together for heists.  You bring along your posse and tackle these large scale missions for huge profits!  Bring along someone less skilled and they will take less of a cut.  However, they may just get you killed!

The soundtrack is another GTA staple.  There are 15 different radio stations with an estimated 240 songs for your listening pleasure.  You are sure to find something you enjoy.  The DJs and commercials are also very entertaining.

Overall I'd say GTA 5 is a huge success and I can't recommend it enough!  The only negative thing I can say about it is that you're not really given much backstory on the characters.  It would be nice to know a bit about their motivations for a life of crime.  Maybe that is coming though, I have only completed about 30% of the story.